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  • Tony Holtkamp

The Sweater Project

The Sweater

Nearly ten years ago, a wonderful friend gave me the gift of an oversized, dark brown, wool, fisherman's knit sweater. Shortly after, I went to Spain and walked across the country, then went north through France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and I took The Sweater with me. Everywhere I went, The Sweater was magnetic. People were drawn to it, and to me in it. So when I returned to Canada, it seemed only natural that I begin photographing people in The Sweater. I gave people the opportunity to be creative with it. It could be worn however they like. The Sweater has been worn as a straight jacket, as a scarf, as a headwrap, and as a dress. I've photographed someone climbing into it and a few pulling it off. It has been used as a prop or simply clutched. It has been worn upside down and partly off. Some people get silly with it while others wear it seductively. Mostly though, it's worn plain and simple as any other sweater, and that's fine with me.

Sadly, The Sweater met it's demise a couple of years ago due to a little moth infestation in my tiny house. For now, this series is done but, perhaps, another sweater will usher in a new, more interesting series.

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