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One One One - March Update

Although I haven't been active on Instagram for some weeks now, I'm still actively p

articipating in this One One One Photo project for 2023. I'd become frustrated with Instagram and the algorithms, mostly for the suggestions it was making, so I opted to step away from that social media for some time. I may never return - time will tell. In fact, the only "social media" I particpate in is YouTube and, I'm ashamed to say, I haven't been very active on there, despite promising I'd be more consistent. I still hope to return to weekly contributions there but have found it difficult to adhere to that for a number of reasons, which I may address in a future post.

As for my photography, I've been picking up the camera daily and trying to be consistent in my vision. Work days are long and leave me little to no daylight hours in which to photograph, meaning I don't have anything worth mentioning on those days. Soon daylight will be more present in my days, as will more outdoor activities, so I hope to have more to share in the weeks to come. Still, with all those changes in my life and a little more of a challenge in sticking to consistent shooting, I continue to be ever mindful of a creative vision, and I make mental notes of subject matter for those days when time and light are available. Next month's update should be more interesting.

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