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One One One - The First Month of a Year Long Photography Challenge

It has now been more than a month since I began my One One One challenge. Progress is going smoothly, I’d like to think, having missed only one day when I worked long and had no daylight with which to shoot. I could have been more creative in low light but, honestly, I was wiped out and completely unmotivated.

I can’t say I’m shooting with passion nor with specific ideas in mind but, rather, I’m still “forcing” myself to get out and shoot, eyeing up subjects as I make my way through the day. I know my motivation will change as the challenge continues and as daylight becomes more readily available.

I was glad to have a few days at the end of the month on Vancouver Island and in Victoria, visiting my son. I enjoyed a warm, peaceful day to myself in Victoria and, in addition to doing some necessary shopping, I was able to photograph as I went about my day.

Here is a smattering of what I shot and edited.

Winter is passing quickly and, although I haven’t shot much of the winter landscape around the Shuswap, I’ll make an effort to hit a couple of days next month, before the snow is completely gone.

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