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Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Welcome and thank you for coming to my blog. I hope to keep you informed and entertained about my adventures and day-to-day experiences.

Perhaps the best way to begin is to tell you a little about myself.

At the time of this writing, I’m 56 years old, single, and living in an off-grid tiny house in the interior of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I’ve very recently gone through a life change which involved leaving a job that provided me with comfort and purpose, and finds me unemployed and about to embark on the greatest adventure of my life.

I am the proud father of two beautiful, grown children. They’re wonderful people and giving them a foundation to build a productive, happy life has been my life’s great meaning. I had the good fortune of raising them on my own since their ages of 4 and 3. Although they don’t live in the same town as I do, both live in British Columbia and I’m glad to see them fairly often. With their permission, I’ll share more about them in future posts.

I’m passionate about writing, photography, learning, film making, and a wide variety of outdoor activities. Most days, after writing and editing, you’ll most likely find me hiking, cycling or paddling. In future posts, I’ll write about each of these passions in-depth as they relate to my life.

Beginning January 1st, 2022, I’ll start walking across Canada with my first steps in Newfoundland, at Signal Hill and will take me through every province until I reach the Pacific Ocean at Victoria, approximately 10 months later. Please follow along as I chronicle my journey here, via Instagram and YouTube. I’d love it if you do, and I look forward to sharing everything from the extreme difficulties to the sublime.

And, if you find some value in this blog or via social media and you’d like to support my journey, or if you’d just like to lend a helping hand, please consider donating at my Patreon page. Thank you so much.

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1 Comment

Cynthia Wood
Cynthia Wood
Feb 06, 2022

I am in awe of your decision to walk through, and sleep in a TENT in the Maritimes in Winter! Your photos are beyond beautiful and I intend to keep an eye out for you when you come through NB! Enjoy your journey, especially the little things. :)

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