Why I Shoot Film

One of the most common questions I get with regards to my photography is "Why do you shoot film?" Usually, I could give a very lengthy, informative answer but the simple truth is that I just prefer it. Don't get me wrong, digital photography has advanced leaps and bounds in the last decade, and there are some really nice qualities about shooting digitally, I just don't prefer them to the abundance of really nice qualities about shooting film.

In this day and age of our "immediate" society, having to wait for something like a photograph seems archaic. I grew up in a time when we had to save money before we could make a purchase, we waited for food to be cooked in a restaurant, and we waited for film to be developed and prints to be made, sometimes for a week or more. The anticipation was a wonderful byproduct of the photographic process. When I was in my teens, the odd one hour photo mart popped up, but quality sufferred in most of these machines. And, about that time, I learned to develop film and print on my own in the school photography department. In a couple of hours, I could develop the film, make a contact sheet and begin making prints. The whole while, I was involved in the process. These days, although I don't make wet prints at home anymore, I still devlop my own film, and I still enjoy the process.

Beyond the familiarity and pleasure in the film process, I prefer the end result with film. There is a quality to film so desirable that people buy or recreate film presets for their digital images. And, I'll be the first to admit that, although I can usually spot the difference between a digital and film image on the computer screen, I've been fooled more than once.

Film is more expensive and time consuming. The shooting process is less certain, slower, and more deliberate. I do shoot digital occasionally. I certainly am not criticizing those who shoot digitally exclusively but I love film. It is my preference, and I'll continue working with film so long as I can.

Here is an article where my sentiments are expressed much more articulately than I could manage, if you're still curious.

"Why I Shoot Film."


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