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My Story

I was hooked on photography at the age of fourteen when I first picked up a 35mm film camera loaded with Kodak black and white film.  I quickly learned the basics of manual film photography, developing film and the ins and outs of printing in the darkroom.  The entire process was magical for me and opened up a means of expression I'd never experienced before.  Eventually, I found my way to medium and large format film photography and, even reluctantly, embraced digital photography, which is now my primary medium.  

Although portraiture is my passion and my forte, I'm also enthralled by the beauty of mother nature and enjoy landscape and travel subjects.  In my blog, you'll find pictures of my day to day life and some associated with my writings.  Below, you'll find a small sampling of my portraiture and landscape photographs.  

I am available for commission locally and globally.  I'd love to photograph for you.


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